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Building on Solana blockchain enables complete decentralization.

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Boom tokenomics are designed to be transactional so YOU get paid in crypto.

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Social Media

The boom content model is designed to be integrated with any and every platform.

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Censorship free

Targeting ownership by everyone and no one via private/public key pairs deployed to IPFS.

Technology targets

Boom is a social network built on the Solana blockchain. Boom lets you create NFT Communities with one click. NFTs govern access to those Communities. Boom will deliver a marketplace to trade your NFTS.

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Be Part of Community

Be part of a tight knit growing Community. Boom has successfully completed our Alpha Testnet phase and have moved into Beta on Solana Mainnet in just 3 months. Now you can chat and mint NFTs directly on Community Channels, NFT Community Governance, and a Market Place are coming on in Q1-22. To find out the latest go to @boom_army_ or join our Discord.


Frequently asked questions

Common questions asked on Twitter

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